Smile it can change the world!

You look tired…

Haven’t we all heard those words… thank you for reminding me that today or this week or this month it’s a Clanger!
It’s normally on a day you are just holding it together. I have to remind myself that it’s lovely that this person cares enough to notice and brave enough to reach out, it’s not to bring me down.

We never know what another women is going through or carrying at that point in time and the power of a positive interaction at the supermarket, drop off at school, in the office, on social media, can be a game changer and change the course of her day.


It is so important we keep reaching out and connecting with each other. By consciously looking for ways to build each other up, spark a conversation, express gratitude and share genuine positive comments whenever we can, to help support and strengthen those around us. When you don’t feel like sparking up a conversation smile and make eye contact. This simple gesture feels great and immediately releases endorphins, makes us feel happy and reduces stress. Both parties here received a tiny gift, that has the power to change that moment!

Teaching our children to do the same and to understand the impact that they can have on others is just as important as they shape the next generation of adults.

Let’s keep reaching out to each other and support each other daily in even the simplest of ways. Smile have a great day!