I have been a mother for almost 18 years, I am now nearly 37 years old. I will leave you to do the math… 😉 I have 4 children of various ages, the youngest is 7. Each has a unique personality that shines out of them like a ray of sunshine…or flash of lightning…depending on the occasion.

I have found the struggle is managing all those different personalities on top of doing the daily life duties of cleaning and feeding the hungry hoards. IT’S HARD! (And sometimes I want to cry).

The understanding of our different personalities came to a head this year as we have been living with teenagers (!!!)…a lot of times it feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall or have been hit by a bus…this is the experience for both adult AND teen (apparently, according to our psychologist).

Yes, we have enlisted the help of a psychologist to guide us through our life storms…and it has been the best thing for us. Understanding how each personality expresses itself has been paramount in building our family relationships. Understanding that people work in different ways brings you to grace, which allows you the freedom to be yourself and let others be themselves.

For a lot of years, I tried to be a good housewife like some of my friends, I tried to be an outgoing, life of the party person, I tried to be everything I was not, because sometimes the world around us doesn’t seem to value the quiet thinking, slow talking, creative person (which I am) and I thought I wasn’t good enough.


Through finding this grace, which helped me to realise I AM good enough just the way I am, and with the encouragement of good friends I am now on a very exciting writing journey…which is a whole other story about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing fear!