The less clothes, the more creative we must get, the more of our own personality that is able to shine through, which I believe is the true meaning of STYLE. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love options, but in circumstances where time, resources and quantity are limited, we tend to push ourselves out of the comfort zone and break boundaries.

In my experience as a Stylist, when we do a wardrobe clear out, 50% of the Job is focused on getting rid of all the things we have been hiding for years that represent so many different versions of ourselves. They no longer match the lifestyle and personality of where we are currently at, and they often are attached to a memory.

Less of THEM, MORE of ME. This is my philosophy. Style is such a unique expression of our personality, which often gets confused by the opinion and comparison to others. NEVER forget that no one can be more you than you.


So, what can we do to achieve this: A wardrobe Check-up and re-fresh is in order. Set aside a few hours, get out a checklist, and make 3 piles: LOVE, Maybe and Donate. Not only will it create space for new things (and YES! This means shopping), it will make the transition to the new phase easier whilst helping others less fortunate. It’s a Win, win.

Always remember, looking for inspiration is always fun, this is how we get ideas, find different ways to be creative and want to know the key essential pieces you need here is a quick refresh.