How to get the most out of your workout.


Rightly or wrongly, we have created a life for ourselves where every second of our time is precious.  Moving at a million miles an hour and filling every minute of our day is where it is at for most of us Mums.  Learning to be efficient with each of these segments is crucial to how successful we are. Applying the same principles to our workouts is no different.


Have a schedule


We add to our diary our work commitments, deadlines, children’s sport, due dates of bills, holidays and the cat’s vaccinations. So why aren’t we including the core wellness routine that will keep us in the stead to be able to handle all of the above?  For me, unless it’s in my diary, there is every chance I will either forget it or not see it as a crucial part of my day.


Follow a program


Walking into the gym with good intentions can quickly turn into a catatonic wandering from machine to machine event if you unsure of what to do. Having a program written for you will alleviate you having to think about what you should be doing.  It also allows you to have purpose to your workouts and a better opportunity meet the goals you desire.

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Choose compound exercises


I call these ‘bang for your buck’ exercises.  Huge value for smaller amounts of time.  Compound exercises are movements that involve more than one muscle group.  Some of these includesquats, lunges, deadlifts, chest press, shoulder press, pull-ups, kettlebell swings. Another major advantage is that you burn more calories throughout your workout, because more muscles are working. They allow you to get a full-body workout in less time.


Turn your Phone OFF

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The distractor of all distractors!  I am guilty of checking this device multiple times during the day for incoming emails, updates, children’s text messages and the time waster of all time waster, scrolling through social media pages with no purpose. Albeit all of these reasons are valid to our daily survival in both business and family life, for 45-60 minutes of your day the world will survive without your attention.


So with an activity as vital to your overall health as this, let’s make a conscious effort to actually make a ‘conscious effort’.